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Thursday, April 7

World in an Image... A Trivia

What do these green and red blocks represent on a world map?
hmm,, think a second.. What is common between India, Australia and Japan, that is not shared by Canada or Germany..
A: If you are really curious and need to know the answer, check out

More Lazy Afternoon reading here Wikipedia:Unusual articles or watch uh..huh... ;)

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Tuesday, April 5

One Bridge to Rule Them All...

During my recent roadtrip, I ran into this scary looking bridge. It was purely exhilrating and a nerve wrecking moment to drive my Honda over there. The magical view of the ocean and the thin bridge that spans miles, and miles. It was an intense experience. You gotta get there to drive and live. Whoa!

Image Credit: SME

You can see the Google's Satellite Image of the bridge here

Image Credit: BestOfUSA

It is the Herbert C. Bonner Bridge of North Carolina 12.

Ahh, the Outer banks.

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Saturday, April 2

Oohh... sunflowers...

I stumbled upon this excellent picture book with inspiring quotes, when I was on Barnes & Noble store [and i bought it there!]. Pictures of sunny sunflowers in all their might... I just love this book. Whenever I get a chance, I look at it,.,. And it brings me a broad smile and happy feelings.. One of it's excellent quote is,

"Don't hurry, don't WORRY.
You're only here for a short visit.
So be sure to stop and smell the flowers"

- Walter C. Hagen, American Golfer.

It is on Amazon or Froogle [ISBN: 0762416351]. You can also see the whole book (on Search Inside) on Amazon.

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