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Wednesday, March 8


Here's a depiction of Lollu (a tamil word meaning losely to insouciance in english)

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More maps maps of India

Following the map series I and II, the latest edition as follows:

First the good news. Finally, there are maps of India released without any restrictions from the Survey of India. Department of Science and Technology (DST) has recently lifted the insane regulations at the Map India 2006 conference. So, there will be two versions (available in both hard and digital copy) as
Obviously, the one available for public would be the OSMs. Anyways, I am keeping my eyes open to see where and when I can actually download them. Here is the National Policy on Maps [pdf] and their guidelines [pdf].

Also, I accidently stumbled upon an excellent resource which contains info for almost all the cities/towns in the world. It is called Global Gazetteer. And it is simply awesome. Here's the info about Erode.

My friend has recently shown me about this excellent resource for free GIS maps of India. I have downloaded several of them. Expect some maps out on this blog soon.

While talking about maps, check out this nice GIS map of India java mashup with Census data. And it actually works very neat.

Finally, the government of India has its official portal for its citizens. Bravo!! It is a dream come true for me. ;)

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