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Friday, July 8

A Short Story

On that wonderful dusk with sun
Losing his game to the king of Night.
Red cloids, the only remenants of
the sun's army, dancing in joy.
Not knowing, he will soon be a prey
under Night's swords.

Down, under the wonderful horizon
of sky's colorful empire, lies
once upon Great kingdon, now nothing -
Ulberia. People were, like trees of
Great sahara. Avast on the field encircling
citadel, as if someting is there to guard?

In the old ampitheater nearby, lies
evening markets with rush-free stores,
as if a bird in the mid hot noon.
Unknown faces, unknown dimensions,
unknown buys, unknown sells.
Who is known to who?

Farby, a nimble footed old lady, like a
tall palm with dry leaves to decorate.
She was selling a juice made of dates
Soaked in carmel milk by name "orswanka".
You can call it by any name. Costs
8 kzarjans. Tall artistic cup full of it
would make you take no-food for
a day. Home-made, yet with care
and love. She was given title - "juckey"
meaning "Life-saver". Hadn't she
had saved the life of "Furzer" - the cheiftan
here by her "orswanka". You will call here
a witch for her appearance.

But, a kind gentle hearted witch.
a possible correction you will make on
hearing this: A poor lad accused of
civic crime, was made to fast for a month.
Days gone, but worse for him, nearing
his final hours,, dying of starvation:
providing him "orswanka", she had given
him a life, Indeed! Equals the rank
of God, as a creator of Life! Thank god
for being a human in the jungle of animated
homosapians. But, (she was)
put to death on a horror day.

what knits the old woman
- the juckey with this lad?
Neither blood nor
her friend nor a well wisher.
An unknown stranger:
Ofcourse what binds them?
Unknown binds unknown!

It it the feeling of humanity
or love or brotherhoodisn
Call it as you like! that
binds all, well & forever.
Is, love rules the blue world as
we are by money, nonsensed
fake fame & emptive ego?
The choice is let up to you?

Time can change
Orswanka may be french champagne,
Juckey may be Mother Teresa
Jungle may be a metropolitan
Furzer may be Furher Hitler
Humanity survives as
Earth survives forever!

the real love - the real ruler forever!

-Written by yours truly around '93.

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