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Friday, October 21

An appeal..

We all know the disaster caused by the earthquake that hit the Kashmir [more on wikipedia]. Here's an email that received and wanted to put it out on the web for fellow bloggers:

Association for India's Development is deeply moved by the loss of life caused by the South Asian Earthquake that affected parts of Jammu and Kashmir. AID appeals to all its chapters, volunteers, donors and the community to come forward and SUPPORT the relief and reconstruction efforts in the communities affected by the earthquake. AID US has already transferred $15000 for immediate relief and is partnering with various organizations.

Donations can be sent online from here.
[ https://www.aidindia.org/aidadmin/aux/RandRinKashmir2005Donate.jsp ]

Follow all their relief activities on the AIDIndia Blog. Please donate, as every dollar counts. Thanks for reading.

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Tuesday, October 11

A gift from a friend, indeed..

One of my best friends, Raja, had sent me this wonderful inspirational powerpoint a while ago. And it was sitting on my computer for the past two years, before I found a way to convert them to an image to post on this blog.

Ofcourse, it is a bit idealistic. But don't let that romantic visionary in your heart squashed by that rational fellow in your head. Hang loose ;)

Hat tip: To convert a ppt (powerpoint) into an image (jpg) as well as several other formats like PDF etc, use the free, in-browser tool from Neevia called Document Converter eXpress. As well as the excellent picture posting from blogger.

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Lottery Marketshare in Ohio...

Lotteries good or bad are the prinicipal proof that 'hope is eternal' in this overtly commercialized world. Here's an easy hack to see what lotteries are popular in ohio. http://www.ohiolottery.com/

Click for a better, bigger pic.

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If you blog this, does it mean you are old?

To be honest, I have had that "man" in the neighbourhood. Infact he was the landlord of the housing complex that I spent most of my years on. And he used to yell at us not to play anywhere with the ball. Me and my neighbours use to play cricket as well as running games etc. And also, he use to just stare at us menancingly, and ugh!! How i hated him for spoiling all the fun. And that too, when we were so little and just hanging around. Just blogging this to see as I long, not to be like him !!

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Petiness, simply doesn't capture the rage that I feel right now. But, since the disaster of the earthquake that hit the Kashmir [more on wikipedia], politicians are playing the game of not allowing Indian soliders into the politically sensitive borders of the two nations. And it sickens my heart. I know, it is not an easy thing. considering the mutual lack-of-faith and constant finger pointing. But comeon, sometimes, we just don't place the value of life on premium. Background on Kashmir.

And a couple of maps that I collected,

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Saturday, October 8

Where to download tamil songs in mp3?

I got an iPod and wanted to fill my 20 gigs and was wondering where on earth can i find tamil desi songs? A google search led me to this excellent site, Coolgoose that has a huge collection of tamil songs and comedy dramas along with several hindi and folk songs. And it is free with good download speeds. So, click to download tamil songs.

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