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Tuesday, October 11


Petiness, simply doesn't capture the rage that I feel right now. But, since the disaster of the earthquake that hit the Kashmir [more on wikipedia], politicians are playing the game of not allowing Indian soliders into the politically sensitive borders of the two nations. And it sickens my heart. I know, it is not an easy thing. considering the mutual lack-of-faith and constant finger pointing. But comeon, sometimes, we just don't place the value of life on premium. Background on Kashmir.

And a couple of maps that I collected,

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08.04   10.04   11.04   12.04   01.05   02.05   03.05   04.05   05.05   06.05   07.05   08.05   10.05   11.05   02.06   03.06   05.06   09.06   01.07   10.07   10.08