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Tuesday, February 22

My blog for Narain Karthikeyan

Narain Karthikeyan

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Monday, February 21

Maps.. Maps.. of India..

In india, maps are regulated (as a part of defense measure [doh!]). Survey of India, restricts it [More here]. As a result, maps of india are so limited except for outline maps and you pretty much get to see that and only that in atlas of india. How sad. I lived in india (tamilnadu) for 20 years and i haven't really saw a detailed india map. Anyways, thanks to microsoft mappoint, i finally get to put some maps online. [All copyrights to whoever made it], [click for bigger maps of increasing sizes]

The URLs from expedia are like:

And the map alone is like,

where, CenP is centroid (x,y), Alti is probably zoom, size is the size of the image (it takes [656 x 532], [996 x 808], [1228 x 996], [1816 x 1514]) and Offset is probably offset mapping, of which i have no idea.

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Useful Desi Links..

If you never have heard desi, probably, this post is not for you.

AID Columbus Chapter
Columbus Tamil Sangam
Federation of Indian Association
Federation of Tamil Sangams of North America
India Club of Dayton
Indian American Association @ OSU
Indian Students Association @ OSU
Network of Indian Professionals - Columbus
Yahoo! Groups : thamilsangam

Indian Associations in Columbus
Intamm - List of Organisations USA and Canada
Tamil Movies Links
NRIOL - Non Resident Indians Online
Ohio Desi.com
Ohio Indian Restaurants & Grocery
South-Indian Food - Discussion Forum
Sulekha Classifieds: Services in US/Canada
Tamil dvds
Tamil Nation & Beyond

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Wednesday, February 16

New Google Toolbar Beta 3

SpellCheck - Check your spelling whenever you type in web forms
WordTranslator - Translate English words into other languages
AutoLink (US only) - Turn street addresses into links to online maps



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Monday, February 14


she likes it.. i mean the candies i made below... ;)

Show your love around.. Happy v-day all around..

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Sunday, February 13

Happy V-day baby !!!

You know who you are !!

Using Acme

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Tuesday, February 8

Check it out !!

Greatest stuff since sliced bread:
Google Maps Example

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Thursday, February 3

And the sky is falling...

Woohoo.. Congrats Narain.. You rock !!!

BBC News 1 ;2

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