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Monday, February 21

Maps.. Maps.. of India..

In india, maps are regulated (as a part of defense measure [doh!]). Survey of India, restricts it [More here]. As a result, maps of india are so limited except for outline maps and you pretty much get to see that and only that in atlas of india. How sad. I lived in india (tamilnadu) for 20 years and i haven't really saw a detailed india map. Anyways, thanks to microsoft mappoint, i finally get to put some maps online. [All copyrights to whoever made it], [click for bigger maps of increasing sizes]

The URLs from expedia are like:

And the map alone is like,

where, CenP is centroid (x,y), Alti is probably zoom, size is the size of the image (it takes [656 x 532], [996 x 808], [1228 x 996], [1816 x 1514]) and Offset is probably offset mapping, of which i have no idea.

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