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Thursday, March 31

Aye... One year since Gmail-April Fool Stunt..

As the clock turns over 12, it's April Fool's Day again. Just that is not particularly interesting. But, consider, Google introduced Gmail that day, a year before !!. And in a stroke of genius marketing over 1GB and limited availability, Google created a never-seen-before buzz over an email (!) provider. Also, GOOG sky-rocketed it's pre-IPO evaluation.

I sure bet, several internet marketing managers would be salivating for this exact moment now, to pull of a Gmailesque stunt over the bloggers by introducing some cool geeky product [Do I hear Yahoo?]. Maybe Google might do something wicked cool. Maybe not. Eitherway it gonna be a news. A Flash news on ya radar tommorow.

Interesting times ahead.

UPDATE: So, It was Google Gulp and Infinity+1 Storage on Gmail. Well done, Google.

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Monday, March 28

Brilliant !!

Try your imagination at:
http://www.neave.com/lab/misc/imagination.html [linked]

really a neat idea. try moving the mouse on that page..

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Friday, March 18

Dancing House at Prague..


More Pics


The man who built it

Image credits PragueExperience

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Sunday, March 6

Earth at night..

A while ago, using the remote satellites, a clever scientist showed the impacts of urbanization using the city lights emitted at night. The result: a beautiful image of the earth as seen at night, if you are revolving around it.

It's a beautiful world indeed.

The study

Bigger Image

More NASA links 0 1 2 3

Go ahead, Stare !

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Saturday, March 5

Ahh... The smell of a clean boot on the stinky Windows..

If you are like me, you constantly twitching windows config settings and cleaning up temp files and regedits and stuff. And still stuck in Windows, because you are too poor to buy Macs or you are too addicted to better graphic themes than GNOME, I came across this excellent articles on Clean Boot. Seriously, one of the best I came across yet.

Deleting Temporary Files Painlessly

Try it. And be blessed !!

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