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Thursday, March 31

Aye... One year since Gmail-April Fool Stunt..

As the clock turns over 12, it's April Fool's Day again. Just that is not particularly interesting. But, consider, Google introduced Gmail that day, a year before !!. And in a stroke of genius marketing over 1GB and limited availability, Google created a never-seen-before buzz over an email (!) provider. Also, GOOG sky-rocketed it's pre-IPO evaluation.

I sure bet, several internet marketing managers would be salivating for this exact moment now, to pull of a Gmailesque stunt over the bloggers by introducing some cool geeky product [Do I hear Yahoo?]. Maybe Google might do something wicked cool. Maybe not. Eitherway it gonna be a news. A Flash news on ya radar tommorow.

Interesting times ahead.

UPDATE: So, It was Google Gulp and Infinity+1 Storage on Gmail. Well done, Google.

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