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Tuesday, November 23

Prince of Persia [Original] - The Mother Lode Game..

I remember playing the Prince of Persia game when i was a kid. And it was a major revelation of the DOS games.. And it rocked !! For the unknown, the complete Prince of Persia Links [Wikipedia], [DMOZ directory], [A fanpage] . An excerpt from Wikipedia:
As the title suggests, The game is set in Persia. The sultan is away at war, and the evil vizier Jaffar plans to seize the throne for himself. Jaffar has imprisoned the princess and given her one hour to make her decision: marry him, or die. The player assumes the role of an adventurer, the princess's true love; he must escape from prison and rescue her before the hour is up, defeating the vizier and earning the princedom of Persia.
Here it is: The Original Prince of Persia [369KB, ZIP Archive]. It is IBM PC compatible (aka. pretty much works on every version of windows etc..).

Happy Nostalgic gaming !!

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