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Friday, November 19

Spongebob Movie is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And it's been a wait.. and a long one.. will it be worth the wait.. today, the spongebob movie is released everywhere. And i have tickets for the tonight's show. Ever since, it splashed on tv, it's been a cultural phenomenon, altered lives, gave kids a whole new meaning for the world -"cool". And is slowly absorbing the cultural conciousness of the national.

It's been a long wait.. And i can't wait to see it.. Go Spongebob !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NY Times movie review/info: [Link]
Rotten Tomatoes reviews are here..[Link]
IMDB movie review: [Link]

And the movie (i gotta poll my reviews tonight!)... And take a stab at this movie.. there's quite a chance that you would like it.. (atleast the chances are better than being blissfully happy everafter !!)

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