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Wednesday, December 22

Art of Hyperbole..


The Correspondent of Erode Sengunthar Engineering College. Udyog Rattan Thiru. J. Sudhanandhen wanted to have a dynamic web site to have an efficient and hassle free interaction with the students, staff, parents and general public. In order to make it the best, the web site has been planned and designed in a dynamic way. According to his vision and aspirations, the Dynamic Web Site has been launched with user friendly features.

In order to keep updating the functions, facilities and information of the Web Site, the Correspondent has nominated a team of webmasters, consisting of the following:

Mr. V.Venkatachalam
Assistant Professor & HOD / CSE
Mr. G. Sivakumar
Lecturer / CSE

From: http://www.erode-sengunthar.ac.in/webmaster.html [Linked]

BOO !!!!!

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