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Thursday, January 27

Poem: Forget Me Not

Far in the deep mighty blue ocean
with leap tides to ornament
with ever-roaming waves to anchor
with pandemonium boatman to plunder

on the farthest left of her
from the shore - A Brown Black cray
greek anthology quotes, "God of sea had
been in this antique cave"

To describe, It's almighty empire of
snakes vs scorpions with vultures
preying: spiderrs to cut the
cave from rest

There carved three words:
True to say: Those weren't from the
chisel of a skilled sculptor
but from the very heart of the
writer with his blood

These weren't just a collection of
eleven alphabets, But the very
soul of the writer. The
very essence of life &
thing of the writer.

Nothing for none in it
But all for my....
It is nothing but
It is nothing but

weren't a thing for those
who have, none in their life
either to love or to enjoy
neither to share nor to suffer

weren't for my beloved...
But for her very deepest corner
of her heart of her... for
me to remember.

her soul rest in peace forever.

Written by Yours Truly around '93.

posted at 23:53


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